User experience (UX) refers to a person's entire experience using a particular product, system or service. The first requirement for a great user experience is to meet the exact needs for the usage of a product or a service, without fuss or bother.

Featured video: How to shift economies of transactions to relationships? [Stéphane LOIRET - WikiStage ESCP Europe]



User Experience

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WikiStage ESCP Europe 5. Paris, France, 2015

"Do you have any idea how sexy can be the life of a CFO in a big company?" "Small is big now." "You don't need a leadership of followers. You need a leadership of leaders that lead others." "Connect before correct. And share. Don'...

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The Art of Leadership for Women. Toronto, Canada, 2016 Backstage interview with Nancy Duarte Communication Expert & Bestselling Author of Slide:ology & Resonate.

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