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The expert speeches at WikiStage events are called WikiTalks. They are at the very heart of WikiStage.

A speaker enjoys the audience’s uninterrupted attention for 3, 6 or 9 minutes to address one specific question.

The vision of WikiStage is to create a free and open library of knowledge. Where Wikipedia has articles, WikiStage has WikiTalks. Our video platform for learning and debate can only exist because people like you are mobilising to add their piece to this global puzzle of free and open knowledge. We challenge you to share your insights with us and the world - with a short WikiTalk.

Why speak at WikiStage?

We invite you to give a talk to contribute to the knowledge of the world and add your piece to a global debate about the most important and most interesting questions that we can collectively think of.

The video of your talk may help to stimulate others to build on your ideas. A great talk has the potential to inspire people many years after it has been recorded. In fact, if WikiStage had existed earlier, we would have loved to invite Einstein, Mozart or Picasso for a talk or a performance on stage to capture a part of their legacy.

WikiStage is the place where you can share your passion with both a local and a global audience. It is a chance for you to break prejudices and rectify misconceptions. By sharing your particular insights, you may well gain or foster a reputation as expert in your field. WikiTalks are watched in many different countries in the world.

WikiStage events are splendid opportunities to meet fascinating people - become part of the community.

The three golden rules of a WikiTalk

Address a question

Chose a question as title for your WikiTalk

Speakers at WikiStage are encouraged to go deep instead of broad. Use the short time on stage to focus on one clear message or lesson. To help you focus your thoughts and to help the users to quickly find the right talk, we ask you to formulate one specific question for your talk.
Nobody expects you to exhaustively answer a complex question in 3 minutes. The idea of a WikiTalk is rather to give an introduction and make your audience curious to find out more.

The length is 3, 6 or 9 minutes

Keep it short. Rehearse the timing

There are three possible lengths for a WikiTalk: either 3, 6 or 9 minutes. We recommend shorter talks, because shorter videos are more likely to reach a larger audience and shorter talks create a more dynamic atmosphere at an event.

Whether you are invited to speak for 3 or 6 or 9 minutes depends on your event organiser. Our recommended time for the WikiStage Studio is 3 minutes. For a WikiTalk at a WikiStage Session or WikiStage Conference, we recommend the 6 or 9 minute format.

No promotions in a WikiTalk

A WikiTalk is not a project or sales pitch

All WikiTalks are completely free of any kind of promotion. The purpose of your WikiTalk is to add a piece of knowledge to the video library. We do not allow any speaker to promote a company, product, book, project, religion, political party or dogmatic worldview.

For this reason, we ask you to not use your company logo or any other kind of promotional references in your presentation. Don't try to sell us something - share your curiosity and passion!

Your own WikiTalk?

There is a WikiStage organiser in your city or community? You would like to speak at an upcoming event?
We currently organise regular speaker trainings and WikiTalk recordings in Paris. To join, select "WikiStage Paris" from the list in the application form.

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