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How to Organise a Virtual Conference

Mon,Jan 18,2021 by Viktorija Marković

It’s no secret that people are canceling conferences and other events left and right due to the coronavirus pandemic, so what can you do to host a virtual conference?

Platform for hosting your online event. This all really depends on your goals and the amount and type of interaction you want your attendees to have. You should also consider whether your chosen platform allows for mobile access.

Platform options include:
Adobe Connect
Google Hangouts

Sound quality

Sound quality has a huge impact on an event like this. The last thing you want is a feedback echo distorting the presenter’s audio for a whole session. Make sure your presenters use a microphone headset whenever possible. Also, make sure that attendees mute themselves when they are not talking (or ask your moderators to mute them).

Test Your Tech

Once you’ve picked your platform, set up a test. Try out every feature you want to use during your event and record a clip.  Get a second opinion on your sound, video quality, backdrop, and anything else that will optimize your event to be the best it can be.

Time zones

His can always be an issue, particularly when participants are attending from all around the world. You may want to poll your target audience ahead of time and see which time zone is best for the majority of your attendees.|

Prepare your moderators and presenters in advance

Since the Virtual Conference is conducted entirely online, having well-trained moderators for each session is essential to making the event run smoothly. Once the presenters are selected and the schedule created, moderators are recruited and assigned to each session.

Interact informally with attendees during the conference

Live chat questions and answers with the presenters during their sessions, but also a real-time conversations among participants. Discussion boards where presenters can post a copy of their slides and attendees can ask questions about the topic.

Record streamed events

Record streamed events so that you can post them later. Make sure you ask permission from presenters to do so, and consider including a comment function that allows the conversation online to continue after the event and from locations not aligned with your time zone.

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