The Internet has become a major player in our society. With its help, people are able to be involved not just in their community but around the world. On Wednesday June 10, WikiStage MakeSense addressed the role of the Internet through the wonderful words of four amazing speakers: Christian Vanizette, Des Gachons Benjamin, Julien De Sousa, and the beautiful Chloé Chambraud. Topics ranged from one’s civic duties to one’s role models. The evening started with WikiStage’s founder, Johannes Bittel, introducing WikiStage and its goal. The room was filled with beautiful faces from different backgrounds interested in what was being said. I think this shows the diverse group of people that WikiStage attracts. Christian Vanizette, Co-founder of MakeSense team, told us how with the help of the Internet, he and a few friends were able to influence the politician in his home city, Tahiti. They started a blog where they wrote about social issues that caught the attention of the politician and the media. This is how his journey started that ultimately lead him to create MakeSense, a participative platform that helps social entrepreneurs solve problems. Des Gachons Benjamin pointed out that 80 percent of French citizens do not trust their political representative. But he pointed out, "With the help of the Internet, our civic duties are not expressed every five years when we vote, but every day.” Julien De Sousa talked to us about role models and heroes. "Heroes help us better ourselves," he said. "They push us to be better." Chloé Chambraud discussed how to make an enterprise more social since social entrepreneurship gives more value to the work inside the company. She presented three characteristics of a social enterprise: it has to answer social and/or environmental needs, they are the heart of the company and it is free. After hearing the talks, listeners were given the chance to network and converse with the speakers over some delicious fingers foods in a joyful environment.  

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