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WikiStage Algiers 2 was organized under the theme "What do you stand for?". Algiers remains one of the top WikiStage hubs worldwide.
The third edition of WikiTalks at SUEZ brought together high-profile speakers who shared ideas about culture, language and identity.  
A part of WikiStage conference series "The Good in Finance" brought together experts to discuss the merits and perils of the world of finance.
This event brought together 10 speakers who talked about different issues, from gender equality to smart computers. Watch these WikiTalks and get inspired!
The second edition of WikiTalks at SUEZ brings us talks of the French-Jewish author Tabie Nathan, and Barbara Cassin - French philologist and philosopher.
The first WikiStage event in London happened in November 2015 at the ESCP Europe campus. The main focus of talks was on start-up entrepreneurship.
Le Groupe YESS est une alliance des clubs d'Alumni de grandes écoles et d'universités intéressés par l'entrepreneuriat social et par l'innovation sociale.
Rencontre au Carrefour des Associations Parisiennes avec les porteurs de projets 2015 du label Cap’Ten.
This WikiStage event brought together successful entrepreneurs to talk about the impact of digitization on society and the economy.