Divina Frau-Meigs

How wicked are you?
  • Description

    Divina Frau-Meigns explains in her talk how the digital tools that have been brought by 21st century could empower people.

    With curiosity you have to be wicked. You have to have that inner voice that will tell not to conform to set standards, to follow the path that has already been settled, that will tell you deviate a bit. The rise of the digital opens up new opportunities to become wicked. The ability of updating one’s profile on social networks give us a chance to actualize ourselves - la mise à jour de soi. The fact that we can play different games online give us somehow a tool to shape reality, to test it without taking any risks. Getting involved in online platform by showing our expertise in a certain matter, we’re streaming our competences for the benefit of others. And lastly, by casting your vote on different matters, we’re civically engaged. Those 21st century empower us, to reach out to others.

    “Trans-literacy is a new kind of literacy that we need to access and we need to give access to everybody”

    “You need to act, you need to hack, you need to cre-act, because as you know it’s not the one who created the candle that invented the bulb”