Jacqueline Fendt

What if chance were a skill?
  • Description

    Jacqueline Fendt takes us into an imaginary trip in the search for real results, pursuing the goal of innovation through the use of creativity and imagination.

    We all assume results and appreciation come from following the path of rational things... This is not entirely true. We are about to find out that imagination and creativity, with the necessary dose of chance, can bring innovation. Don't be afraid to mingle with people and share your ideas, let them collide and get the chances. Serendipity is the key, it encompasses all sorts of different characteristics and in the same time, it's everywhere and it's nothing exceptional about it. Find out why mistakes are necessary and how to get sustainability in your solutions.

    "Mistakes are a great way for serendipity."

    "You will be princes and princesses of serendipity."