WikiStage ESCP Europe - London

  • Description

    The first WikiStage event in London happened in November 2015 at the ESCP Europe campus. Speakers talked on a variety of topics, but the main focus was on start-up entrepreneurship.

WikiStage ENSET Mohammedia 1

Le rĂ´le des incubateurs au niveau de la promotion de l'entrepreneuriat
  • Description

    ENSET is a University in Mohammedia, Morocco. Its students regularly organize inspiring WikiStage events on issues of entrepreneurship. Their first event is titled "The role of incubators in the promotion of entrepreneurship".

WikiStage HEC Alger 1

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Description

    The first WikiStage conference organized by the students of HEC Alger (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales) with the theme of "Entrepreneurship and Innovation".