Phil Chen

Phil Chen – Virtual Agency: Unlocking VR's Potential
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    2015 Future of StoryTelling Summit Speaker: Phil Chen
    Chief Content Officer, HTC & Cofounder, Vive
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    Virtual reality pushes the capabilities of computers like no other current technology; putting a 3D world in front of you and making it interactive requires a lot of power. But the payoff? A new medium that directly engages with you, multiplying your perspective and allowing a new kind of empathy. Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer of HTC’s Vive, is working to intensify that experience by stressing interactivity—not just putting you into a virtual world, but encouraging you to engage with it. You can stick your head inside a jet engine or walk inside your own brain. At FoST, Chen will discuss how interactivity makes VR a tool for learning, for communication, and for storytelling—a way to add a new dimension to our lives.

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Genevieve Bell

Seeing Eternity in a Daffodil: making robots, making life
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    Human beings have always been fascinated with making life, in its many forms, and with all of the tools and technologies of the day at our disposal. Our cultures, histories, and myths are steeped in tales of the making (and taking) of life: gods who make human beings to do their biddings; gods who transform themselves into human beings, if only temporarily; ancestral figures who transform themselves into humans; strange hybrids of gods and human beings with blends of skills and powers, as well as the misappropriation and abuse of them.
    In this talk, Dr. Genevieve Bell will explore a distinct set of narratives about making life by focusing specifically on those that employ technology. Specifically, she will examine how, where, and why we might locate robots within this larger set of cultural and historical conversations.
    The word “robot” had immediate and global resonance when it first appeared in the 1920s, in no small part because it conjoined centuries of literary and technical activities. We had already built mechanical objects (and indeed mechanical people), and we had imagined making life. Thus the very idea of the robot immediately typified a rich and contested cultural history of technical strivings and literary imaginings; and it has ever since.

Afeez Alade-Kolawole

12 Minutes of Passion about Electric Vehicles
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    Afeez Alade at WikiStage ESCP Europe 2015 London on electric vehicles and his company TryMyEV

Elon Musk

Elon Musk : How to Build the Future
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    Elon Musk's view on how to build the future