Comment changer le monde en 2 heures?
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    "I wanted something, I wanted to help others, to get involved, but in what and how, I had no idea."

    "So to help as many people to get involved, I decided to write a guide, it's called" Changing the world in 2 hours. "This is a guide for anyone who wants to change the world but who do not know where to begin. The idea is to show you micro-commitments, means to have a positive impact quickly by contributing to projects of general interest. The logic behind this is say: what if the easiest way to change the world was to help those who already do? "

    "I do not feel that the challenge today is so much on innovation and entrepreneurs. It's a bit provocative, and yet of course there needs innovation , today for most societal problems [...] there are people who have found solutions that's just we do not know the the challenge today is that these.. solutions are adopted massively. So the challenge is on civil society, it is about all of us, it is about you and it's on me. [...] They need a lot of people who support these projects . "



Is art the future of business?
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    "Subversive thinking is when you want not a little change in things but to destroy this current system, to challenge the status quo"

    "Subversion is quite important for artists as well as successful entrepreneurs. (...) Through art practices you can develop this subversive thinking."

    "You cannot create big things without starting by something small like a joke because it's a way to do something different and to create debates. And you cannot create something different if you are within your comfort zone."

    "By doing art, it's a very nice way to experience a lot of difficulties and a lot of uncomfortable aspects, to lose yourself, to find yourself."



How imagination, craziness and naivety can build tomorrow?
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    "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Is that really true today? In the world where access to information is more than easy, knowledge can be reached by anyone. But what about imagination?"

    "Of course technology offers beautiful and wonderful things to see but we forget too often to use our other senses which make work our imagination"

    "Yes, it is very important for a child to invent its own world where he could be the hero."

    "Naivety detaches us from the technique and allows us to invent incredible, impossible, and improbable things."

    "Craziness, naivety and expertise is a combination which could make your idea real one day"

    "What I am telling you today is to be a pioneer. Do not be afraid to imagine impossible things thanks to imagination. That's the reflection I offer you today: do not stop thinking like a child"



Comment avoir de la chance ?
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    « Si vous avez de la chance, ça veut dire que vous avez une capacité à créer autour de vous un environnement favorable. »

    « Avoir de la chance dans le fond c’est activer la boite à opportunité. »

    « La meilleure façon pour atteindre ces objectives dans une organisation, c’est d’aider ceux dont ont la besoin a atteindre les leurs. »

    Crédits vidéo : Médhi Famibelle


Quel est le métier de vos rêves?
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    "Il n' y a pas un métier de mes rêves mais potentiellement plusieurs métiers dans des domaines variés. Et il y a certaines choses qu'il faut avoir en tête afin de trouver cette activité. La première c'est: apprenez à bien vous connaître, c'est absolument indispensable et c'est la base de faire l'effort de vous poser des questions sur votre personnalité. (...) C'est très important que vous preniez le temps pour cette reflexion pour ensuite avoir un regard critique sur l'activité ou l'environment professionnel qui vous correspondra le mieux. La deuxième à avoir en tête c'est: devenez acteur de votre orientation. (...) La troisième chose dont j'aimerais vous parler c'est que vous vouliez ou non vous n'êtes pas les seuls à décider quel est le métier de vos rêves. (...) La société que vous entoure joue un rôle important."

    "Il y a trois choses à avoir en tête pour trouver les métiers de ses rêves c'est: apprenez à bien vous connaître, devenez acteur de votre orientation et apprenez à présenter votre activité."



How to make problem solving in groups more creative and meaningful?
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    "When we get together in groups to solve some problems or discuss some issues, we often forget to ask the basic questions: the what, the when, the why, the who, the how type of questions. And this is because nobody wants to appear as an amateur, expertise is more welcome. Your reputation is an important currency and nobody wants to gamble on it."

    "When you leave the amateur side of you outside of the room and you appear with your expertise, it's like throwing a party and take away all the drinks and you have that party with just red meat on the table. You can guess that that party is not going very far, something gets stuck somewhere. And that's where a lot of groups get stuck cause no juice, no party."

    "(...) group imagination and meaning, creativity are starting to bubble up and coming alive. And that I bet is something that you want. I bet that you want more people in your groups to show up in those meetings and problem-solving spaces with best creative-selves, motivated and with the best ideas. But that's not what always happens. Because money stays in the pocket unless you decide to process to get this money out."


Comment garder des liens forts avec nos proches?
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    "Everybody was found despite him losing people who mattered in his life because it is often found to spend in the background the people we love because of a busy schedule, work, because a child is born [...] and sometimes unknowingly, some people around us are isolated by themselves, some people find themselves lonely situation. "

    " I thought a concept, which is a very simple concept that has one goal: to make us spend a lot more time with the people who matter to us. "

    " We must realize that our relationships can disintegrate, they may disintegrate with a personal involvement that allows us to know when what some of our relations are moving away from us, when will we see from less some people. "

    " [...] If we already know well optimize our energy, our time to the right people, we will be able to properly maintain all relationships. "

    " If we are able to offer our activities, facilities revise our near and that this concept becomes a facilitator of the meeting, it means you will be more able to manage our time. "

    " We have to become actors in our personal relationships. If we can identify the relationships that move away, if one is able to give energy to the right people and if one is able to get organized, we will recreate moments of happiness. "

    "In the end the life that used to it, to relive moments of happiness"



What is the definition of success?
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    "Is success driving a fancy car, going to the finest restaurants, wearing designer clothes and carrying an it-bag or is it accumulating ten of thousands of Facebook likes and having five hundreds thousands Twitter followers and endless YouTube views or is it having the world knowing your name?"

    "I believe that we as a human race has bought into this idea that success is almost a bad word these days and we've bought into a definition that someone else has created for us and we don't really take the time to think what success really means to us individually."

    "It's my belief that by creating your own definition of what success truly is we can then begin to realize that we each have the opportunity to be successful."

    "What is successful to you? Find what that is because once you do you will believe that you can really accomplish everything. You will find that you have self worth and self value, it will build your confidence."


Pourquoi mettre ses talents en action?
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    "Depuis quand on est petit, on nous propose trois options, on nous propose S, L, ES. On nous propose ensuite de choisir entre le marketing, entre la finance, entre l'organisation mais on doit choisir entre ces trois là. Et si aucune ne nous convenait? Et si en fait on a envie de créer notre option celle qui nous correspond à 200%. Moi, c'est ce que je vous propose: de créer votre option."
    "Il faut chercher en soi, chercher tout au fond de soi. Ça veut dire s'écouter, ça veut dire sentir ce que est bon pour nous, ça veut dire écouter le 'wow' en nous et qui veut dire que c'est l'indicateur qu'il faut qu'on y aille. Et ça veut aussi dire d'écouter ses peurs et ses frustrations et les affronter et ensuite, de se mettre en action."

    "Vous allez douter. Mais douter vous pouvez le prendre comme un challenge, c'est un indicateur pour vous remettre en question. Donc, c'est aussi quelque chose qui peut vous faire avancer."



How does a daily meditation practice benefit your life?
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    "In the past year, I have passed from a carefree girl to a responsible adult almost overnight. I am under a lot of pressure with my double degree at my university, with my company and maintaining friendships. What helps me the most is learning to meditate. Meditation is a technique I have learned to bring peace and happiness to my life and clear my mind. It also allows me to enjoy the moment and appreciate every instant of my life. Meditation increases your immune system, your compassion and it decreases pain. And it also enhances your social life. The more I meditate, the more I have self-confidence and the more I smile and connect with people. Last month I had ten exams and traveled to three continents in between and meditation helped to focus and to have achieved all my goals. I am very grateful that I learned to meditate very early in my life and I am hope that you will also try and benefit from it."