WikiStage Empow'Her
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    Who are we? Empow'Her is a French public interest organization, founded in 2011, whose mission is to empower women entrepreneurs. In 2015 we organized a WikiStage event to give voice to female entrepreneurs and present projects of social entrepreneurship. 


Why men should invest in women?
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    "I'm a firm believer that media can be a tool to change the perception that men have on women."

    "A lot of programs that we [at the Womanity Foundation] are doing is, we start things and we collaborate with people. That's been the big frustration for me in philanthropy, there are not enough people collaborating together and too many people doing the same thing."

    "We have a program to help social entrepreneurs scale their impact, with consulting firms although we initially started with pro bono."

    "For girls' education we have two programs in two countries. First one is in Afghanistan, where we transform state schools into model schools. We don't do what the government should do, which is paying the teachers and the infrastructures. We train the teachers, we develop the curriculum with them and we bring other activities like introducing sports into women schools. [...] We believe in giving the same chances."



Why more women at the top means better performance?
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    “Why woman matters? Why does it matter to have more women at the top of corporation? Does it really matter for company performance? And so we did a big research across the globe and the answer to these questions was yes, hopefully. Yes it matters, it matters for company performance. It maters for company’s organizational performance. (…) and it matters, above all, in terms of financial performance. So what we found out is that companies with more than three women in their board are more performant than companies with no women in their board.”



The new cyberwave of women's empowerment?
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    "That call from a mobile phone in the middle of a cemetery was really the beginning of my digital awakening. And it helped inspiring me to found W4 in 2012 (...). W4 stands for Women's WWW and we're Europe's first crowdfunding platform dedicated to girls' and women's empowerment in the world."

    "From the Philippines to Pakistan, from Cameroun to Cambodia, the world is being made better by the impact of two powerful growing trends and they're arguably two of the most important trends in the 21st century: digital technologies and women's empowerment. Together they lie at the heart of our work at W4."

    "Here we are in the 21st century and yet women and girls still bear the greater burden of poverty and suffer widespread abuses of their rights. Incredibly and unacceptably violence against girls and women remains a global pandemic, the most widespread human's rights violation"

    "The good news is that a global women's empowerment movement has been gaining a momentum. The world is waking up. Consistently, from the micro to the macro level, it has been proven that when we educate girls, when we protect girls' and women's human rights, when we promote gender equality, we drive socio-economic progress."


What is the power of voice?
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    "I am a mother, I am an activist, I am an author, an adventurer, I'm the founder of a non profit. I am a feminist and I am a victim of gender violence. And, more importantly, I am a voice. I am one of over 7 billions voices in the world and having a voice means using it."

    "Many consider that I'm a feminist because I'm a woman. And of course, I want for myself the right to vote, the right for equal pay, the ability to have my own decisions about my body and my future but I don't think it's radical to say that I want the same freedoms as men and that my gender shouldn't have nothing to do with it."

    "I believe that women's right it's a human's rights issue and it does involve men, that does involve the global community stepping up and taking a look at gender equity and gender violence as a real issue that affects everyone."

    "I can feel the apathy that prevents change and action and yet through that apathy and through the outrage that nothing was changing, I wondered why wasn't everyone doing anything about it... (...) and I realized that 'Yea, I am someone'. Individual action does matter. Because in the face of these issues - gender equity, genocide, the environment, sex trafficking - these issues are not gonna be solved by governments and multinational corporations or the would have been solved. These issues are going to change with individual action and individual voices insisting upon change amongst the structures that are there to create change"



How to include men in the gender equality revolution?
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    "We know that in terms of gender based violence men still are the main perpetrators and women are the main victims all over the world"

    "Promundo focuses on promoting the positive qualities and positive attitudes of men and boys. If we can talk about the intergenerational transmission of violence, we can also talk about the intergenerational transmission of care"



How can social entrepreneurship empower women?
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    "One of the core principles of Empow’Her is to work really closely with local organization to transfer skills and to help them carry out their project."

    "You may wonder what is a social enterprise, the model stands somewhere between the NGO model and traditional business model. (...) So we created San Jai, that is, San Jai in Thai means „weaving hurts“. Basically women who are in these shelters are being trained and then they produce handicrafts and then these handicrafts are being sold to customers."

    „But it’s not only about handicraft“, it is about regaining self-confidence through the creative process to earn decent wage and work in a safe environment.“

    “Instead of seeing challenges we saw a lot of incredible opportunities”

    "(…)the women. Instead of seeing them as victims of violence, we saw them as incredibly talented professionals.”

    What you give is what you get was our motto with Luisa during these six months, but actually we received way more than what we gave"

    "We created two collections of products, and these are made from up-cycled material. This is from rice bags, and we believe that even though our main goal is a social goal we also have an environmental duty and we should be as ecofriendly as possible. Our biggest challenge but also achievement was definitely to train those women, and we’ve trained fifteen women, and we called the director of the center last week and she told us that many more women are coming to the training that are now very successful."



How can gender equality make impact on communities?
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    Danielle Bicknell is Assistant Programme Specialist at The Division for Gender Equality at UNESCO - ‎UNESCO.


How do we include more girls in education?
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    A talk on including more girls in education, given at WikiStage WBG event in Lima, Peru.