Apply here to get a license to organise a WikiStage event in your city. To ensure quality, each WikiStage event organiser needs to have a license which grants you the right to use the WikiStage brand for your event. Do not start organising your event before you obtained a license for it.
The WikiStage community are idealists who take action in many countries in the world. To help progress in our societies, we believe in giving a stage to great “ideas for change”. If you have a message that you believe will inspire others and transform things for the better, then we want to get to know you! Register as a speaker on our platform and get invited by WikiStage event organisers to speak at their next conference.   
If you share our mission and want to show this to our audience, then we invite you to become a sponsor of a specific WikiStage event. Create your sponsor account on the WikiStage platform and find events that are relevant for you which you would like to support.
Help us to spread the idea of WikiStage internationally! We offer you to become "International WikiStage Ambassador" by helping us to bring WikiStage to a new country. To qualify, we ask future ambassadors to recommend us at least 2 new WikiStage organisers from 2 different countries who will apply for a WikiStage license.
There is already a WikiStage event in preparation in your city and you want to become a part of the organizing team? Then join them as a volunteer!
If you already organized a WikiStage event, or you are an experienced event organiser, then you can share your valuable knowledge with a current WikiStage organizer and organizing team.
Write an article for the WikiStage Blog! All articles you write will be shown on your profile. Tell us about your experience as organizer, speaker or attendee of WikiStage events; about your motivation to become a WikiStage organizer, what you learned on our video platform, what WikiStage means for you or any other topic you would like to share.  
WikiStage is looking for volunteers to become WikiStage Designers. Designers will be mentioned on the "WikiStage Designer" section on the WikiStage Team page for a year and we will share your work on our social media channels where we are followed by in total more than 100.000 people.

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