Are We Closer to Digitalization in Healthcare in Europe?
WikiStage ESCP Europe - Berlin
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    WikiStage ESCP Europe - Berlin campus.

    "80% of insurance apps have zero updates, no reviews or have not even been used".

Vincent Uriarte

Engage through technology in Education?
WikiStage ESCP Europe - Madrid 1
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    Vincent Uriarte's talk on using modern technology to revolutionize the education system, given at WikiStage ESCP event in Madrid.

Thibaut Gimenez

What is the future of smart computers?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 7
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    ESCP EUROPE Graduate with a major in entrepreneurship, now COO/CMO @Stample ( a Paris and Los Angeles based startup building a social platform to curate and share knowledge.

What does learning from others mean?
WikiStage SUEZ 3
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    Learning from others is a very important question nowadays. Let’s take the situation of the world as it is. It is called postcolonial world. What does it mean to say that our world is considered postcolonial? It means that learning does not come from one single culture or language. One easy way of characterizing the colonial situation is to say that you have, in a colonial situation, some kind of imperial language which is supposed to be the language of the learning, the language of the beautiful, the language of truth, etc.
    Everybody else needs to learn that language, as it is the imperial language, the language of the truth. To say that we are in a world which is postcolonial is that you have total equivalence of culture and languages. And this is a situation in which one can say that you can learn god knows what from god knows who. In other words, learning becomes a radically symmetrical situation encounter. You learn in a symmetrical situation that encounter is learning, in other words encounter is truth. In other words, you are able to step out of your comfort zone, your understanding, your own perspective of the world in order to embrace a different perspective.

    If you are precisely in a situation of understanding what it means that one language in the world is one language among others, one language among other equivalent languages. And, this is why this world is both plural, really diverse world, and also one world. And, hopefully, having such an attitude, adopting such a posture of understanding what it means to learn from others in a situation of radical symmetry is going to teach us some fundamental truth about our time - what it means to be living in a global world.

    We talk about globalization, but when we talk about globalization what it means mainly is that you have all these financial fluxes and fluxes of goods, etc. What does it mean for us, as human beings to learn to inhabit one single world? It means to inhabit it with our differences and at the same time multiply the richness of such a world by precisely learning how to live together, which means how to get from each other the richness of this world, and the multiplicity of perspectives. So, learning from others would mean one world, but one diverse world.

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Joerg Wahler

How is the aerospace industry changing with digitalization?
WikStage at Les Fontaines
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    "In the aerospace industry the race has just started, it aims to more efficient production systems"



What’s next In breast augmentation?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 5
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    "I don't know if you ever thought about it but if you look at the 20th century through my perspectives as a plastic surgeon, it's an amazing era where human beings became able to transform their own body."

    "But the 20th century wasn't the age of nature it was the age of excessiveness where we didn't care a lot about our environment and this led to a lot of fake looks especially in esthetic surgery."

    "We can now harvest fat anywhere in the body where we have it in excess, isolate the fat cells called the adipocytes and inject them where we need. (...) For a woman with small breasts and large hips, we can harvest her fat, centrifuge it and isolate those fat cells and inject them through tiny little needles, tiny little holes (...) inside the breasts. Doing so we can of course augment the size of breasts up to two cups and we get rid of the excess fat."

    "There's a way to combine implants with that and it's called composite breast augmentation. We inject fat all around the implant that smoothens the edges and it's a great to get a natural look."

    "Soon we will be able to create implants custom made for everyone, exactly the one you need for your anatomy."

    "There is a definitive trend in the breast augmentation where towards more natural looks and the next generation of implants will be organic and haute-couture which meaning that they will be tailor-made to your anatomy and your needs."


Antonio Meza

How can I create a vision for my future?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 3
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    Antonio Meza shows how to make our life vision more concrete.

    "The vision is not only visual, it's a sensorial representation of what you want for yourself and for others in life"

    "Life can be great if you dedicate yourself to connect with your purpose and make it happen"



Reinhard Müller

Schaffen wir die Energiewende? Reinhard Müller - WikiStage Französische Botschaft in Berlin
Die Stadt der Zukunft
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    Schaffen wir die Energiewende? Reinhard Müller - WikiStage Französische Botschaft in Berlin

Afeez Alade-Kolawole

12 Minutes of Passion about Electric Vehicles
WikiStage ESCP Europe - London
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    Afeez Alade at WikiStage ESCP Europe 2015 London on electric vehicles and his company TryMyEV


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